Terms and Conditions

Returns Policy

Returns, Refunds, Queries

No returns due to the nature of the products that are includes in the boxes, because of hygienic and safety protocols, hence why products are non- refundable. However if you have any problems/ queries (e.g)"did not receive your box" please contact us via our email: goldxngyal@gmail.com

Shipment Policy

Cut off dates, UK & International shipping

Cut off dates for new subscribers is the 10th of every month. Therefore if you subscribe after the 10th of the month you will receive the follow month's box. Shipping for all UK subscribers takes place on the 20th of the month. International shipping dates vary between the 10th and 20th of the month (please allow 3-5 working days due to covid-19 delays for all shipping).

Upgrade Policy

Upgrading your box

With GoldxnGyal eyelash subscription boxes, there is a loyalty program in which you can use to claim a Goldxn discount when you upgrade your box. "How it works"- you will receive an email with an offer to claim a discount on an upgrade after being with GoldxnGyal for 90 days.